Learn How to Make Your Home More Comfortable and Energy-Efficient

Weatherization Skillshops are designed to give you a solid understanding of building science and to teach the skills you need to accomplish specific weatherization tasks. You will learn the core fundamentals as well as the hands-on techniques needed to begin improving building efficiency on your own.

"I went to the Skillshop last year, did some of the measures I learned, and saved a cord of wood."

C.S., Woodstock

Whole-house energy efficiency starts with an energy assessment. If you have not had a recent energy assessment for your home, we recommend that you have a certified auditor review your building before you undertake energy improvements. An energy assessment typically costs $300-$800. Learn about how you can participate in Efficiency Vermont's Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® DIY Program.

More About Capstone Community Action's Energy Education Programs

See more about our Home Energy Makeover trailer and DIY weatherization.

Capstone Community Action's energy education programs include the Home Energy Makeover trailer and the Weatherization Skillshops. Both of these statewide initiatives demonstrate how homes can be more energy efficient and that there are low-cost measures that handy Vermonters can tackle to save money and improve comfort.

  1. Topics

    Learn about air-sealing your attic, the right approach to windows and doors, and more.

  2. Building Science

    Start building your skills with a basic understanding of how air flows in a building, and how weatherization works. Learn more.

  3. Schedule

    View the schedule. Check back for schedule updates, or subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when new skillshops are available.

  4. DIY Program

    The DIY program lets you work with a certified auditor so your home improvements qualify for cash incentives. Learn more.